FCRA Quarterly Returns

Further, on quarterly basis all persons / organizations who have been granted registration or prior permission shall have to upload their financial information pertaining to the donor and the detail of grants received. Such information should be uploaded on their website or on the website as may be specified by the Central Government. It may be noted that the amended rule does not provide any relaxation to smaller NGOs.

After the amended law, all organizations without any financial limit shall have to upload financial information in their website or fill the requisite Form at the FCRA website. The information to be uploaded include:

(i) Detail of the donors
(ii) Amount received
(iii) The date of receipt.

The information should be uploaded within 15 days following the last day of the quarter in which the funds were received.

It may be noted that all the organizations have to upload 1st quarter financial information (i.e. for the period from October, 15 to December, 15) by 15th of January, 2016.

The form of quarterly returns can be filled submitted online.

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