For seeking FCRA services [Registration, Prior Permission and Renewal], the applicant must:-

  • Obtain DARPAN ID from Darpan portal of NITI AYOG
  • Upload documents electronically online
  • Pay application Fee electronically online
  • Have a definite cultural, economic, educational, religious or social programme
  • Have undertaken reasonable activity in its chosen field for the benefit of the society for which the foreign contribution is proposed to be utilized
  • Open a dedicated Foreign Contribution Bank Account in State Bank of India, New Delhi Main Branch, 11, Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 110001
  • Intimate opening of new SBI account and old FC Bank Account to the MHA in Form FC-6C as main "FC Designated Bank Account" and "Another FCRA Account" respectively
  • Intimate opening of additional dedicated Foreign Contribution Utilization Bank Account(s)
  • Place the audited statement of accounts electronically online on receipts and utilization of the foreign contribution, including income and expenditure statement, receipt and payment account and balance sheet for every financial year beginning on the first day of April within nine months of the closure of the Financial year in case of receipt of foreign funds.
  • Maintain a separate set of accounts and records, exclusively, for the foreign contribution received and utilized and for which the registration is sought
  • Apply to the Central Government six months before the date of expiry of certificate of registration, for its renewal
  • To intimate any change in the designated bank account / utilization bank account / name / address / aims / objectives / key members in respect of association granted registration / prior permission under the FCRA, 2010.

For seeking Hospitality under FCRA, 2010

  • Submit signed or digitally signed application electronically online on two weeks before the proposed date of onward journey
  • The invitation letter from the host or the host country and administrative clearance of the Ministry or department concerned in case of visits sponsored by a Ministry or department of the Government
  • In case of emergent medical aid needed on account of sudden illness during a visit abroad, for the acceptance of foreign hospitality intimate the Central Government within sixty days of such receipt giving full details including the source, approximate value in Indian Rupees, and the purpose for which and the manner in which it was utilized

For seeking Other services under FCRA, 2010

  • Intimate within thirty days from date of receipt of foreign contribution in excess of one lakh rupees or equivalent thereto in a financial year from any of his relatives
  • Furnish within forty-five days receipt of foreign contribution by a candidate For election from the date on which he is duly nominated as a candidate for election
  • Make an application electronically online to the Central Government for transfer of foreign contribution to any unregistered person
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