S.No Form Title PDF
FC-1 Intimation of receipt of foreign contribution by way of gift/as Articles/Securities/by candidate for Election
FC-2 Application for Seeking prior permission of the Central Government to accept foreign hospitality(FC-2)
FC-3A Application for FCRA Registration
FC-3B Application for FCRA Prior Permission
FC-3C Application for Renewal of FCRA Registration
FC-4 Intimation - Annual Returns
FC-6A Intimation - Change of name and/or address within the state of the Association
FC-6B Intimation - Change of nature, aims and objects and registration with local/relevant authorities in respect of the association for which registration/ prior permission granted under the above Act
FC-6C Intimation - Change of designated bank/branch/bank account number of designated FC receipt-cum-utilisation bank account
FC-6D Intimation - Opening of additional FC-utilisation Bank Account for the purpose of utilisation of foreign contribution
FC-6E Intimation - Change in Original Key members of the association
FC-7 Application for surrender of certificate
Bank letter Format Sample format to obtain acknowledgement from Bank for ‘Another FCRA Bank Account’
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